Infosys and HCL to Hire More Freshers in India

Infosys and HCL to Hire More Freshers in India
Infosys and HCL to Hire More Freshers in India

Infosys and HCL to Hire More Freshers in India. Big Indian IT Companies are planning to hire more fresh talents in India. Infosys will be Hiring 50,000 Freshers where as HCL will be hiring 10,000 Freshers in India.

Infosys News

Infosys’ attrition rate reached 27.7% in the March quarter, up from 25.5% in the December quarter, but the management believed attrition actually decreased.

In the December 2021 quarter, the total headcount was 3,14,015, up from 2,92,067. After the announcement of its Q4 results, Infosys is most likely to increase the salary of employees in the coming financial year to compensate for the higher workload. The company has hired 54,396 freshers for this financial year and is hoping to hire over 50,000 more in FY23. 

Infosys’ chief financial officer Nilanjan Roy told journalists at a press conference after declaring the results of the fourth quarter, “In the last year, we have hired 85,000 freshers across India and globally. We are planning to hire upwards of at least 50,000 (this year) and will see how this plays out but that it just initials figures.”

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HCL News

HCL Technologies’ attrition rate increased to 23.8% in the first quarter of 2022, compared with 11.8% last quarter. According to the firm, this rate will continue through the second quarter before stabilizing in the second half.

During the previous year, the company had a net profit of Rs 3,205 crore. We have continued to accelerate our talent acquisition and development efforts. This quarter, we added nearly 2,000 plus net new employees and trained 22,000 plus employees on digital skills.

The company plans to hire 10,000 or more freshers this quarter, leveraging entry-level talent globally. In the past few years, we have rewarded a robust train-to-deploy model that allows us to send the best talent to clients on short notice.

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